Sooner or later we all go through the loss of jewellery and valuables, either through theft, burglary or simply lost.

 When this happens, how will you provide the description, proof of ownership and value of what you are claiming through your insurance company?

All insurance companies require that you provide

  • Proof of ownership
  • Complete description of items being claimed
  • Current value of items being claimed 

When you make a claim, do you have this information for all of your jewellery and valuables?

    Jewelsure members have their own secure file where there jewellery details are recorded and valued. Once your jewellery is recorded, it never has to be repeated. Every item of jewellery is revalued automatically so it is always current.

    Jewelsure members have exclusive access to the Jewelsure jewellery insurance policy underwritten by QBE Insurance. This is worldwide coverage for loss, theft or damage.


    For full details of how Jewelsure will work for you, including all fees and charges, please read the Process, Benefits and F.A.Q. pages.

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